twisted-pair cabling machine

——  Brief introduction of twisted-pair cabling machine  ——

It is suitable for stranded copper wires, insulated core wires, and insulated pairs of Category 5/6 data cables(cat6 cat6e cat6a). The pay-off rack is composed of passive pay-off or double-reel active pay-off machines. Arranged in a single line or back-to-back form, each pay-off reel uses a frequency conversion high-speed motor to actively pay off, and a highly sensitive tension pendulum rod feedback to control the pay-off tension to ensure that the tension of the four pairs of wires is even and the pitch stability
Technical characteristics
1. Use large-diameter steering wheels to minimize cable bending and ensure the quality of twisted cables.
2. The take-up tension is controlled by a highly sensitive imported magnetic powder clutch and programmable logic controller (PLC) to ensure uniform take-up tension.
3. The whole machine adopts a man-machine interface interactive control station, which can display equipment status, operation instructions, and parameter settings at any time, so it can ensure that the machine runs in the best state and ensures excellent product performance.
4. It is convenient to load and unload the spool, and the labor intensity is small.
  Specification model   800P
  Purpose   Copper wire stranding or core wire stranding of three or more data cables or communication cables and stranding of multiple copper wires
  Rotation speed   Max800rpm
  Core wire feeding range   Core wire φ0.8-5.5
  Copper wire feeding range   Copper wire φ0.4-1.6
  Maximum twist   Core wire φ12mm
  Combined wire diameter   Copper wire φ6.5mm
  Strand distance   30-200mm
  Take-up shaft   Φ800mm
  Drive motor   15HP
  Mounting and locking   Manual screw type + automatic locking mechanism
  Stranding direction   S/Z
  Take-up method   Magnetic powder tension control, constant tension from empty reel to full reel
  Brake   Electromagnetic brake, automatic brake for internal and external disconnection
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