Is the higher the network cable level, the better?

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In the Internet age, the network cable is significant. The standard network cables on the market include Category 5e network cable, Category 6 network cable, Category 6e network cable, Category 7 network cable, and Category 8 network cable. The higher the level of the network cable, the faster the transmission rate; the material of the network cable is very different, the specifications are numerous, and the price is unknown. When choosing the network cable, don’t think that the higher the level, the better it is enough or usable.

How do we choose a network cable that meets our needs and is affordable among so many types of network cables?

Step 1: Determine your network cable needs

First of all, you need to clarify your budget, network speed, and network cable performance requirements: Category 5e (100M) network cable, Category 6 (Gigabit) network cable, Category 6e (10G) network cable, Category 7 (10G) network cable, Category 8 ( 40,000 Gigabit) network cable.

If you need any linear function, select the corresponding network cable to match and play a role in use.

Step 2: Determine the usage scenario of the network cable

There are many application scenarios for network cables, in addition to indoor and outdoor tight spaces or continuous vibration and other use environments. Can determine the requirements according to the actual situation for different environments. In addition, the length of the network cable is also the key to the selection. At present, the length and specifications of the network cable are various, but we can buy suitable and unnecessary lengths according to our needs to avoid waste.

Step 3: Do you need a shielding function?

Shielded network cable (STP) has a shielding layer with better anti-interference performance. Shielded network cable is mainly used in environments with substantial interference and high bandwidth requirements, such as intelligent office buildings, data centers, and other complex environments, but slightly lower price. High and the entire system must be shielded devices, including sockets, crystal heads, and patch panels.

Unshielded network cable (UTP) has no shielding layer, which is flexible in networking and easy to install. The twisted pair is also a good anti-interference structure, which can use in a network environment with no substantial interference in ordinary daily life. It is affordable and widely used.

Only choose the right one, not the expensive one! What suits you is the most important. After understanding your network cable requirements, you can choose the network cable correctly according to the communication requirements of the scene to avoid wasting resources and wallets!

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