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Competitive Price
Competitive Price

Dehui offers all types of communication network cables that are direct from our factory to provide competitive prices.

Large Production Capacity
Large Production Capacity

With a monthly production capacity of over 30,000 cases, we can meet your requirements for both large and small orders.

Guaranteed Quality
Guaranteed Quality

All network cable products are guaranteed to pass the network analyzer and FLUKE test.We also provide inspection before shipping.

Dehui – Your Professional Network Cable Manufacturer in China

Dehui – Your Professional Network Cable Manufacturer in China

Guangdong Dehui Cable Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing cost-effective network cable OEM and ODM for international traders and integrated wiring brands.

Our factory insists on only producing data network cables with high loss margin that have passed the FLUKE link test.

Dehui Cable is a manufacturer with CAT6A, CAT7, CAT7A, CAT8 high-end physical foamed network cable production capacity.

Dehui company leaders are proficient in network cable production equipment and network cable research and development technology. While improving R&D and manufacturing capabilities, we continue to optimize the technical design of high-speed cable pitches, improve the production process of high-speed cables, and meet the needs of high-performance products.

If you need high-quality network cable OEM services, please contact Dehui to find your precious supplier of network cable products!

Dehui's most competitive product: CAT6A 500HMz cables

CAT6A U/UTP, F/UTP, SF/UTP adopts cross skeleton isolation between wire pairs, which effectively reduces crosstalk and increases structural stability. The shielded wire adopts a total shielding layer, which has high resistance to electromagnetic interference and minimizes the bit error rate of the transmitted signal.

CAT6A U/FTP, F/FTP, S/FTP use leather foam skin physical foaming technology to improve the electrical performance of the product, each wire pair is individually wrapped with metal aluminum foil, and the 4 pairs of twisted pairs are shielded by the overall metal mesh, which greatly reduces the eliminates the loss of near-end crosstalk and far-end crosstalk, providing reliable resistance to alien crosstalk

  • Complies with ANSI/TIA-568.2-D 500MHz test and can be extended to 650MHz, far exceeding standard requirements.
  • CAT6A shielded network cable has excellent shielding effect and strong anti-external interference ability.
  • Various flame retardant grades such as CM, CMR, CMP, Eca, Dca, Cca, B2ca can be customized according to customers.

Featured Products

Cat7 FTP Cable

These are designed with physical foamed polyethylene insulation materials and oxygen-free copper 0.58mm conductor diameter.

Cat5e Ethernet Cable

Our cat5e ethernet cables are unshielded twisted pairs that are composed of plastic sheath and multiple twisted pairs.

Cat5e SFTP Cables

We offer cat5e SFTP cables that are made from environmentally-friendly materials such as high-density polyethylene.

Cat6A F/UTP Cables

Dehui Cat.6A FTP has the characteristics of excellent performance, reliable quality, strong resistance to external interference, and environmental protection. The product adopts advanced manufacturing technology, in the transmission distance of 100 meters, it can provide 500MHz physical bandwidth, and the test frequency can reach up to 650MHz. It far exceeds the standard requirements of Category 6A shielded cabling system, and provides abundant margin support for 6A shielded cabling system.

Cable Ethernet Cat8 SFTP
Cable Ethernet Cat8 SFTP

We manufacture 8 types of double shielded network cables with a silkscreen and aluminum foil shielding layer.

Cat6a SFTP Cables
Cat6a SFTP Cables

Our cat6a SFTP cables are designed with HDPE insulation materials, PVC sheath materials, and up to 0.6mm minimum sheath thickness.

Why Choose Dehui as Your Communication Network Cable Supplier

Dehui Cable Company has the ability to independently develop and manufacture cables and cable equipment, and has a four-layer co-extrusion physical foam core wire machine with a speed of 1000 meters per minute. It is one of the few cable production factories with foamed core wires in China.


We are equipped with the most advanced research equipment and perfect quality management system.
The product quality is comparable to that of international big brands.


All factory-made network cables are guaranteed to pass the network analyzer and FLUKE test.

Trusted by Customers

Customize differentiated high-quality network cables according to customer needs, ensure the margin of network and test performance, and reduce costs for you。

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Custom Communication Network Cables for Your Brand

Here at Dehui, we are providing OEM and custom services to help you grow your brand. Skyrocket your business with our high-quality communication network cables.

Flexible MOQ
Flexible MOQ

We offer flexible MOQ to any orders. We accept small or large quantity orders.

Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery

At Dehui, you can assure that we provide on-time delivery services through different mediums including FedEx, DHL, and UPS.


Our team has experienced technicians that can customize each network cable according to your requirements.

  • Custom Solutions for Different Applications

    We offer custom communication network cable to meet every application and project.

    • Machines
    • Robots
    • Factory automations
    • OT networks
    • Industrial
    • Telephones
How We Control Quality

How We Control Quality

To assure quality, we make sure that all our production processes are aligned with ISO9001 standards. We have testing facilities to test the quality of each cable. Our strict quality control team also performs meticulous inspections before shipments. Aside from ISO certifications, we also comply with the following standards:

  • RoHS
  • UL
  • CE
  • CCC

Customers Who Loved Our Products

  • “Dehui company really provided me with great support for my business. All their network cables are high-quality and has very optimal features. Thank you, Dehui!”

  • “I am really glad that I found Dehui as my supplier of communication network cables for our company. Their cables really helped our business to run smoothly.”

  • “I have cooperated with Dehui for a year now. Luckily, they never failed to provide us with high-quality, fast speed, and stable quality network cables.”


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