Not all factories are guaranteed to pass the Fluke test De Fai Cable FLUKE 90m permanent link as standard

Cat6a Ethernet Cable

cat6a ethernet cable – Provide high quality patch network cable

The highest transmission frequency of CAT6a ethernet cable reaches 500MHz, which is twice that of CAT6a cable. The outer surface is marked with “CAT.6A”. In addition, the Cat 6a network cable supports 10G Ethernet. There will be a similar logo of 10Gigabit on the outside. Used in 5G base station construction, network computer room and other occasions.

Each pair has a shielding layer (usually shielded by metal foil), and then there is a shielding layer (usually shielded by braided metal braided wire mesh) outside the 8 cores, and the interface is the same as RJ-45. Total shielding + wire-pair shielding (usually metal foil shielding), Category 6a cable S/FTP Cat.6A (HSYVP-6A) has a maximum transmission frequency of 500MHz, and Category 6 fully supports 10 Gigabit.

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