——  Insulated core wire series production line  ——

For high-performance LAN cables

lan cable supplier, the three-layer co-extrusion high-pressure physical foaming production line is designed for the production of railway signal cables, high-quality data cables and automotive electronic wire sheath-foam-skin (three-layer) insulated cores. It uses high-pressure nitrogen injection foaming and three-layer Co-extrusion process to obtain high-quality quality of insulated cores
Physical foaming technology and equipment can ensure the best dielectric and mechanical properties of insulation.
The hydraulic control bypass unit on the foam extruder can minimize the waste of start-up
Through the RIO integrated control system, the most complex process parameters can be finely adjusted to ensure the highest foaming quality.
The process setting operation under the RIO control system is simple. Through the ROCAP process control module in it, the smallest outer diameter and capacitance error level far better than the market requirement can be obtained.

Production line characteristics

  1. Three-layer co-extrusion process
  2. Hydraulic bypass module
  3. Mixing system
  4. Quick Start
  5. Minimal product tolerance
  6. Minimum installation space
  7. The most user-friendly interface

The research and development of high-performance data cable manufacturing equipment meets the requirements of current and future production processes with the following parameters:

  1. Outer diameter
  2. Capacitance
  3. Eccentric
  4. Symmetry and  flexibility
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Technical parameter

Inlet copper conductor diameter: 2.5—3.0mm
Insulation type: solid low, medium and high density polyethylene polyolefin
Physically foaming low, medium and high density polyethylene polyolefin
Foaming range: up to 40-72%
Outer diameter range of insulated core wire: 0.50mm—3.5mm
Insulated wire outer diameter tolerance : (1) When producing PE solid core insulated wire ±1%
(2) When producing PE foam insulated wire ±2%
Average tolerance of insulated core capacitance ±1% of nominal value
Insulation concentricity ≥95%
Production speed: Max1000m/min
Center height of production line: 1000mm
Operation direction: from left to right
Take-up reel: PN500 PN630
Machine color: Nokia blue

Technical parameter
Production line equipment composition

Production line equipment composition

1. HT-250/17 wire drawing machine with continuous annealing and preheating device.
2. 30/25D inner crust extruder.
3. 80/40D extruder.
4. 40/25D outer solid leather extruder.
5. Imported Swiss high-precision three-layer co-extrusion head.
6. Imported German nitrogen pressurization system.
7. Hot water tank, cooling water tank
8. Blow dryer
9. Online testing equipment
(1) Shanghai Oule Conductor Outer Diameter Tester X axis
(2) British BETA insulation outer diameter bidirectional tester X-Y axis
(3) British BETA water capacitance tester
(4) British BETA foaming control system
(5)Shanghai Oule DC Spark Machine 0-10KV
10. Fully automatic double reel take-up room
11. Automatic electrical control device for production line
(1) The host adopts the British Continental DC governor
(2) All variable frequency motors are controlled by Danfoss or ABB inverters
(3) Using Siemens PLC and high-definition true color touch screen
(4) Adopt Japanese RKC temperature control meter
(5) Low-voltage electrical components adopt Schneider and Chint products

Production line site requirements

1. Cooling circulating water: soft water does not contain any suspended impurities;
2. Voltage: 380v ±5%;
3. Water supply pressure: ≥0.2Mpa;
4. Dry compressed air: ≥0.4Mpa 6m3/h;
5. The compressed air used in the N gas system should be purified and dried, with particles ≤1 micron, and pressure ≥1Mpa

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