4 ways to connect the network cable

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When we connect the network cable, we occasionally encounter the situation that the network cable is not long enough or disconnected, and rewiring will increase the cost. There are 4 methods to solve the problem effectively.

1. Winding connection

Strip the 8-core wires in the network cable separately, twist each core wire firmly, twist the two network cables with the same wire sequence, and wrap them with insulating tape. This is the easiest and most efficient way. Disadvantages: It can only be used in an emergency. The network cable transmits data, which is different from the current transmission of the wire, so the loss and interference of the signal will be relatively significant.

2. the wiring method

· UY butt two-wire connector, glue-filled

UY docking a two-wire connector is a method used more often, and the operation is relatively simple. It is necessary to insert the two ends of the network cable into the adapter and fix it. The 100M network can only connect the 1, 2, 3, and 6 four-core copper cables. In the case of gigabit, 8 network cables need to be connected. Therefore, you need to prepare at least 8 adapters (connectors).

Note: peel off both ends of the network cable that must be extended to expose 3-5 cm. The color of the network cable is different. When connecting, it needs to be connected one by one. Do not connect randomly.

3. Network cable connector connection

· Modular coupler, RJ45 (8×8), straight cable

Compared with the second method, the stability coefficient is higher. Make a crystal head on one end of the network cable that is not long enough and plugs it directly into the connector—using the crystal head to connect another network cable on the other end.

Using the connector, the low-cost solution to the insufficient length of the network cable is simple, and the connector method is the most straightforward and most practical.

4. Welding method

In fact, similar to the first one, the 8-core wires in the network cable are welded separately, and the colors must be matched. Compared with the network cable connector, the welding technology requirements are high, and professional welding tools are required. And welding skills, the effect is general.

Finally, everyone should pay attention to the fact that the transmission distance of the network cable is generally within 100 meters, and the actual transmission distance may be shorter. If it is wound or welded, the transmission distance may not be satisfactory. If the transmission distance is short, these two methods can be referred to.

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