Cat5e ethernet cable bandwidth

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The Cat5e network cable is mainly used for the Gigabit Ethernet network, the transmission rate is 100mhz, and the highest transmission rate is 1000mbps. Cat5e network cable has low attenuation, less crosstalk, higher attenuation and crosstalk ratio, minor delay error, and significantly improved performance.

It is straightforward to run a Gigabit Ethernet cable with a CAT5e cable. If a qualified CAT-5 cable is within 50 meters, it is no problem to run to a 10G network speed. If the home network cabling uses a Category 5e network cable, there is no need to replace it, and it will not be eliminated in recent years.

For newly renovated houses, you can consider using Category 6 network cables. After all, the performance indicators of Category 6 network cables are much higher than those of Category 5 network cables, which is conducive to long-distance transmission and POE power supply.

“Cat5e refers to Cat5e unshielded twisted pair (UTP—Unshielded Twisted Pair) and category 5 shielded twisted pair. An unshielded twisted pair cable comprises multiple pairs of twisted pairs and a plastic sheath. Cat5e refers to the five different quality levels defined by the International Electrical Industry Association for twisted-pair cables.

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