Which of the cat 6 network cable is soft or hard?

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Which of the cat 6 network cable is soft or hard?

The cat 6 network cables are either soft or hard. It is only a matter of the hardness of the outer sheath. When transmitting data, the copper core is used inside, so the softness and hardness have little to do with the transmission performance of the cable. Even for the same brand of network cable, the outer sheath will have different hardness due to the different flame retardant grades of the outer sheath. It is a layman’s practice to judge the quality of the network cable by the hardness of the network cable.

If it is a cat 6 network cable from a Chinese brand, the price of 900 yuan per box is obviously expensive. Imported network cables are about the same price. The current one made in China will not exceed 800 yuan at most. But if you add construction, it is not expensive at all for 900 yuan.

The cross in the center is called ‘cross isolation strip’, which is designed to solve the common ‘crosstalk’ problem in Category 6 transmission; , each part has 2 pairs; there are also six types of network cables that have no isolation belt at all. It is not stipulated in the relevant specifications that the six types of network cables have to use ‘cross isolation’, which can only meet the standard and pass the test. .

The isolation tape needs to be cut off when making the crystal head.

Regardless of the connection method of T568B or T568A, as long as the cat 6 network cables meet the standard, either connection method can reach Gigabit.

If there are switching devices and network cards that support 1000BASE-TX, plus a Category 6 cabling system that can pass the Category 6 test of the “Fluke Tester”, there is no problem in reaching Gigabit as a whole.

For a 100M network, Cat5e or Cat5e cables are sufficient. If you want to be fast, the key is how much bandwidth you need to apply for access.

About the LAN transmission of Category 6 system: For high-end computers that support Gigabit network cards (supporting the 1000BASE-TX standard), it only takes about 10 seconds to transmit a 1G file by connecting to a qualified Category 6 wiring system.

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