Not all factories are guaranteed to pass the Fluke test De Fai Cable FLUKE 90m permanent link as standard
  • Cat5e Ethernet Cable
  • Cat5e SFTP Cable
  • Cat5e SFTP Cable
  • Cat5e SFTP Cable
  • Cat5e Ethernet Cable
  • Cat5e SFTP Cable
  • Cat5e SFTP Cable
  • Cat5e SFTP Cable

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Product specifications:

  • Brand: Dehui
  • Item No.: DH Super Category 5 shielded network cable(Cat5e SFTP Cable
  • Model: CAT5E FTP 24AWG
  • Transmission rate: 155 (Kpbs)
  • Operating temperature: -20-75 (℃)
  • Storage temperature: -20-75 (℃)
  • Tensile strength: 250 (N)
  • Compressive strength: 250
  • Scope of application: computer room wiring, security monitoring
  • Whether the source of supply for cross-border export: No
  • Cover: PVC LSZH VM CMR
  • Core wire: HDPE

Cat5e SFTP Cable 

Outdoor Cat 5e network cable double shielded SFTP twisted pair cable
■ Conductor diameter: imported pure oxygen-free copper 0.5mm
■ Insulation material: high-density polyethylene, raw materials imported from Korea with environmentally friendly materials.
■ Insulation: main color-white (blue) white (orange) white (green) white (brown)
■ Insulation requirements: the mechanical and physical properties meet and meet the requirements of the GB/T13849.1-93 standard
■ Pair twist color and weaving order: 1-white blue, 2-white orange, 3-white green, 4-white brown
■ Sheath material: inner sheath: PE material (imported from Korea), outer sheath: PVC material + PE
■ Minimum thickness of sheath: 0.06mm
■ Tearing rope: It does not absorb moisture or oil, and runs through the entire cable continuously, and the tensile strength is sufficient to open the cable.
■ Mechanical and physical properties of cable comprehensive sheath: in line with YD/T 1019-2001 standard
■ Electrical performance: in line with YD/T 1019-2001 standard regulations.
■ Structure: 4P+ cross+mylar+aluminum foil+ground wire+woven+PVC+outdoor PE
■ Woven net: pure copper/tinned copper 0.12mm 96 weaving
■ Outer diameter of network cable: 6.8mm
■ Service life: under non-man-made or geological disasters, the service life is up to 20 years
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