Shielding principles and wiring requirements of seven types of shielded network cables

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The outer layer of the seven-category shielded network cable has a layer of aluminum foil, which can reduce radiation to a certain extent. Secondly, in the process of data transmission, according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, the electromagnetic waves radiated by the two wires cancel each other out, thereby reducing electromagnetic radiation and signal interference.

Category 7 shielded network cable is similar to coaxial cable, but the installation of shielded network cable requires high-demand installation technology. The two ends of the twisted pair must be connected to a good grounding system, and the shielding performance of other connected equipment must be ensured. According to different shielding methods, shielded network cables can be divided into two categories: SFTP and FTP.

In many long-distance transmission occasions, in order to avoid excessive interference, data transmission can use seven types of network cables. Each pair of seven types of lines has an aluminum foil shielding layer, and the four pairs of lines together have a common metal braided shield. Floor. It can provide a comprehensive attenuation-to-crosstalk ratio of at least 500MHZ and an overall bandwidth of 600MHZ, with a transmission rate of up to 10Gbps.

Although the seven-category shielded network cable has strong performance and strong shielding effect, and the transmission rate is doubled and stable, the requirements for wiring are also extremely demanding. In addition to the shielded high-quality network cable, the components that form the shielded network system, such as crystal heads, routers, switches, etc., must have shielding functions. If a component does not have shielding functions, the entire network shielding system will be Otherwise, other components and cables with shielding system will become the source of signal interference in the entire local area network. The complete set of system equipment with shielding function and cable grounding are the basic requirements for the wiring of the seven types of shielded network cables.

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